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41,373 validated Dentist Email Addresses. Dental Mailing Lists which gives you the 90% accuracy in the Dentist Database. Get count by location, specialty etc with Dentist Email List.

A Dentists or Dental Specialists is a healthcare professional who work towards diagnosis, prevention and treatment of all dental issues and conditions of oral cavity and tooth loss. Our Dentists Email List as such are continuously updated keeping changing business trends and marketing requirements in mind. Buy Dentists email list and mailing lists from Healthcare Mailing has been developed for this purpose as it helps marketers in promoting their brand and services to key individuals through their preferred channel of online and offline communications.

Dentists Mailing Database

41,373 Universal Records

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Medical Mailing List fields include

  • Physician and Practice Specialty
  • Medical group/hospital Affiliation
  • Prescription Based Lists
  • Certifications and License
  • Opt-in and Accurate Email Contacts

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Health System and Hospital Affiliation


Physician and Practice Specialty


License number, State, NPI and DEA


Verified from hundreds of sources

We recommend making use of our email list of Dentists as a means of saving time and resources in trying to collate business data. A targeted database of Dentists sales prospects can provide the lift you need to meet your quarterly or annual sales targets. Segment your email list to market to dentists by office size, location, number of employees, age and more. So get the best of business database by purchasing our Dentists Email Lists. Start rolling b2b marketing campaigns that suit your business requirements and marketing budgets by being proactive and adding the Dental Professionals Business List to your campaign budget!

Dentists are among the world's best paid doctors. Many dentists operate privately and effectively putting them beyond the reach of most hospital mailing lists. We have accordingly kept the Dentists Email Addresses exhaustive with verified records on specialists who will benefit from your medical offerings. Healthcare Mailing has the ability to enhance all our marketing lists with extensive demographic, behavioral, financial with many more unique data segments available.

Medical Email Database

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Healthcare Mailing?

Healthcare Mailing helps your businesses to grow rapidly with its comprehensive Dentist database. Also, our Dentist database allows you to

  • Save time
  • Target key prospects
  • And, Improve return on Investment
  • Convert more
  • Generate genuine response
How do you collect your Dentist Email List?

Healthcare Mailing assigned a professional data team to collect the Dentist database from a wide variety of trusted sources like Seminar registrations, telephone directories, government records, medical colleges, survey registrations, direct interviews, etc.

How often do you update your Dentist Email List?

Our team invests significant time and effort based on of every week to update Dentist email lists.

Can I append the data to the Dentist Contact List I purchased?

Yes, Healthcare Mailing provides you the appending services that help you to add new contacts and updating existing contact information. You can contact us at for more details.

Is it possible to get a customized Dentist Email List?

Yes, we provide you the exact customized dentist email list that faces your business requirements.

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