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The largest selection of phone-verified doctors data across the globe. Identify doctors by location, specialty, experience etc.

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41,373 - Dentist Email Lists

We offer the most accurate and reliable mailing address lists of Dentists in order to help marketers reach their potential customers with their quality products and services.

50,357 - Pediatrician Mailing List

Our targeted Pediatrician Email Addresses are developed for campaign success and can guarantee deliverables in a planned and systematic manner.

85,738 - Pharmacist Email List

Our Pharmacist Mailing Lists enable you to establish and maintain business relationships; generate new business and market more effectively and efficiently.

54,691 - Psychiatrists Mailing List

We offer the most accurate and reliable Psychiatrists Email lists in order to help marketers reach their potential customers with their quality products and services.

16,210 - Dermatologist Mailing List

Understanding market and client demand the Dermatologist email database is one of our most focused and comprehensive list compiled by a team of data collation and verification experts for reaching targeted Dermatologists easily.

38,854 - Physical Therapists Email List

Find the key physical therapy contacts at numerous hospitals, clinics, and offices in one go with our verified physical therapist mailing list, and start marketing to this unique, focused group.

23,672 - Chiropractors Mailing List

The Chiropractors list provides the clients with the title, names, location, phone number, postal address, zip code, company name as well as operating hours and gender of the specialist.

11,840 - Pathologists Mailing List

With our pathologist Email Database from Healthcare Mailing marketers can reach specialists through a combination of email, direct mail and telemarketing b2b campaigns for getting their brand and services noticed and invested in.

25,074 - Veterinarian Mailing List

At Healthcare Mailing what we recommend is a planned approach to healthcare marketing and our Veterinarians database will provide you with appropriate data from the US, UK, Canada to go about your campaigns.

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Doctors Specialty Mailing Addresses Database

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sources Healthcare Mailing uses to collect Doctors Data?

Healthcare Mailing collects its authentic doctor's database through offline and online sources including, medical colleges, global events, direct meetings, hospital records and more.

How does Healthcare Mailing doctors email list will help my business?

Healthcare Mailing doctors' email list is a verified and permission-based database that allows you to reach a targeted group of audience. Also, our doctor's database gives access to run multi-channel campaigns via-email, direct mail, and telephone.

Why should I choose the Healthcare Mailing database?

Healthcare Mailing has more than 10+ years of experience in providing doctors email list. We analyze your business needs and offer customized doctors data that help your business to generate maximum ROI and increase sales.

What are the information do you provide for each doctor's contact?
  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Type of practice
  • Work address
  • Physical Address
  • Zip code
  • Certifications and License
How long will it take to receive my data after placing a quote?

You can receive your database within committed time by our sales-team after your order is placed.

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